Protractor & Compass

Form construction designs that are flawless with the help of a protractor and compass from HomElectrical. Protractors and compasses are ideally used during the construction processes to draw out and calculate angles. They are suitable for measuring angles and drawing circles for blueprints or other technical documents. Discover the measuring tool that's right for your application with HomElectrical!

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What are Protractors used for?

A protractor is an adjustable tool that typically measures in degrees and radians. It can be used to effectively measure angles and in the construction process to achieve the desired angle.

Protractors can be manual or they can be magnetic. Magnetic protractors have an easy to read dial and an adjustable angle pointer that is ideal for scoring, deep cutting, or other heavy duty applications.

What is a Compass used for?

The compass is a separate tool that can also be used to measure angles and lengths.

  • A compass can be opened wide, but has no measurements on it.
  • Geometric compasses are drawing instruments used for drawing circles and arcs.
  • The compass has two legs, one with a point and the other with a pencil or lead. The point can be placed in the center of the circle and the pencil can be adjusted to draw the proper sized circle.
  • You can adjust the distance between the point and the pencil to adjust the size of the circle.

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