Eaton Wiring Canopy Switches

Browse our catalog of toggle, rotary, or pull chain canopy switches that are perfect for a variety of vehicle, household, and industrial applications. Try these canopy switches the next time you need to fix, build, or replace a lamp or a fan with HomElectrical today!

What is a canopy switch?

"A small compact electric switch installed in the canopy of a ceiling fixture for direct control of the light at the fixture and usually operated by a cord or chain."- Retrieved from

If the chain fell off my ceiling fan do I need to buy a new switch or can I just put the chain back in?

The chain that pulled out will not go back into the canopy. You will have to purchase and install a new one if this is the case.

My ceiling fan still doesn’t work after installing a new chain, is the fan broken?

First, check to see that the wall switch is turned to the on position. If it still doesn’t work be sure to check that the wiring was done properly. Contact our experts at HomElectrical if you haven’t found a solution.
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