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What is a light switch and how do I know how many amps I need?

A light switch is used to open and close electrical current to help you turn on and off lights, ceiling fans, or electrical devices that are connected to equipment or outlets. Before you replace a light switch or install one, you have to make sure the switch matches the amperage rating and voltage of where it is being installed. The main light switches include:

  • 15 amp light switches are ideal for residential locations. They should be connected to 14 gauge wire, which is found in most homes
  • 20 amp light switches are ideal for commercial or industrial applications. 20 amp switches should be connected to a 12 gauge wire

What is the difference between a single-pole switch, 3-way switch, 4-way switch, multi-location switch, and a double switch?

  • Single-Pole: Controls only one fixture from a single location. It is the easiest to install and is the most common type of switch.
  • 3-Way: Can control one fixture from two locations. This switch has a slightly more complex installation, but it often beneficial to use in stairways, hallways, and large rooms.
  • 4-Way: This light switch is similar to the 3-way switch, but it controls a single fixture from three different locations. This switch has to be used with two 3-way switches in a 4-way circuit, which can be complicated to install. These switches are mostly used in large rooms, such as a living room.
  • Multi-location: Can control one fixture from three or more locations. Slightly complex to install, but is often used in larger spaces where having multiple controls is more convenient and safe.
  • Double: A double switch controls two fixtures without having to install a separate box. You can install two parallel switches with a double box, but make sure to leave plenty of room for all of the wires to meet building code requirements.

What is the difference between a toggle and a rocker light switch?

A toggle switch and a rocker switch are the two main light switches that poeple use. A toggle switch features a toggle lever and works by using a lever to open or close an electrical circuit. A rocker switch features a rectangular design and works by breaking and connecting the electrical circuit by "rocking" in one direction to break the circuit and the other direction to connect the circuit.
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