Eaton Wiring Motion Sensors

Eaton Wiring motion sensors allow you to illuminate your space with bright LEDs by simply walking into the room! These easy-to-install sensors use Passive Infrared (PIR) technology or ultrasonic technology for motion detection and come in a wide variety of colors and types to fit your lighting controls. Shop HomElectrical to find your Eaton motion sensor today!

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What is the purpose of a motion sensor?

A motion sensor detects the presence of people in a specific area and turns the lights on or off. Detectors use two types of technology for motion sensing. A passive infrared sensor, or PIR sensor, detects infrared waves coming from people, animals, or a moving object. The infrared technology ensures that the sensor will not activate due to minor movements such as leaves fluttering in the wind. An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance of an object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves, and then converts the sound into an electrical signal. Dual tech sensors use both types of technology to detect movement.

A motion sensor works in a variety of applications and generally serve two purposes: security and energy savings. When installed in security lights, an outdoor motion sensor turns the light on when it detects motion, alerting homeowners to the presence of intruders. When installed in indoor spaces such as office areas, conference rooms, and bathrooms, a motion sensor light helps save energy by turning on only when people enter the room.

What types of motion sensor does Eaton offer?

Eaton offers a wide variety of motion sensors with unique features that make saving energy convenient! Eaton motion infrared sensors use PIR technology or ultrasonic technology to detect the presence of people in the area. Some motion sensors also offer light sensors, which turns the lights on or off depending on the amount of natural light in the area. This allows for even more energy savings.

Installing a motion sensor by Eaton gives you access to features including:

  • 120-degree or 360-degree wide detection range
  • Multiple size options
  • Wall or ceiling mounted (see below)
  • Colors to match room décor

*Wall and ceiling-mounted sensors differ in the way that the sensor looks out at the area. A ceiling censor has a cone-shaped range. A wall-mounted sensor spans the room.

Eaton also makes sensors that work with smart lights using Z-wave technology. This improves your home security system by connecting to your phone through the smart hub to alert you of intruders.

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