Eaton Wiring Power Centers

If you need to provide power for your electrical system on the jobsite, Eaton Wiring has everything you need to safely distribute power from the power supply. Temporary power distribution boxes ensure that you can stay connected no matter the job. Shop HomElectrical to discover the Eaton collection of power centers that you won't find at your local store!

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What is a power distribution unit?

Power distribution units, also known as a power distribution box, or spider boxes, centralize and distribute electrical power on the jobsite in the absence of power lines and a power outlet. While a load center provides electricity distribution for permanent structures, a power distribution unit provides temporary power. They bring the power from the input to a variety of outlets. They act as a larger version of a power strip. It provides portable power, a key element for any job.

As a leader in the electrical power industry, Eaton makes RhinoBox power distribution units that come with a variety of features to help with electrical power distribution. These include a flip-up circuit breaker cover to prevent accidental tripping. The unique patented “stackable” design allows RhinoBox units to lock together for safe transport.

What other power distribution products does Eaton offer?

Besides power distribution units, Eaton Wiring offers products that protect bulbs and cable. The Telephone and AC Protection Device protects coaxial cables from electrical transients and surge disturbances.
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