Eaton Wiring Steplights

These Eaton USA Step Lights available at HomElectrical are a dynamic lighting solution for all of your step lighting needs! Shop HomElectrical for more LED lighting opportunities or replacement options for your old incandescent and metal halide fixtures with energy efficient LED stoplights.

Can step light be used outdoors as well as indoors?

LED Step lights can be used for both Indoor and outdoor applications. By lighting a stairway, it will improve safety and adds an inviting glow to your space. LED step lights can be used to enhance your landscape, as well by creating a warm glow to any space. The LED step lights have a durable and weatherproof case that can withstand a numerous number of different factors, so you can install them almost anywhere and they will be long-lasting.

What are the mounting options for horizontal step lights?

Horizontal LED step lights are typically used in areas lower to the ground. This limits the mounting options when selecting a bracket to install your fixture. For most applications, a wall bracket is used directly to the location that the LED step light is being placed. The fixture will snap or bolt on to the bracket to secure the light to the wall. These brackets are typically metal or aluminum, and used for outdoor areas, because they can handle outdoor weather elements.

What is the difference between smooth and louvered face-plates?

A louvered faceplate is a lighting fixture with horizontal slats that are angled and can be adjusted to allow light and air to pass through while keeping our rain and moisture. A smooth faceplate usually sits flush on a lighting fixture and has a high sheen or gloss finish. These do not have any opening for light and air like a louvered fixture. Read more about LED Fixtures on our Blog

What is the difference between horizontal louver and horizontal scoop step lights?

A horizontal louver is a lighting fixture that allows air and light to pass through the horizontal slats. These fixtures almost look like blinds and create a layered light while outing the fixture. These can be used in hallways, kitchens, doorways, and many other areas that require a small amount of light. A Horizontal scoop step light has a recessed inlet where the bulb’s light glows that does not show any visible hardware. These are designed to blend into any architectural design with easily removable faceplates for easy installation for your outdoor lighting.
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