Door Bell

Search a variety of doorbell and door chime kits for your residential needs at HomElectrical. Our selection of doorbells features door chime kits useful for easier installations of wireless doorbells, wired doorbells, and more. Our kits also include one or two pushbuttons so that anyone can request entry from multiple entrances. Each product is UL Listed assuring that these products follow current saftey guidelines for use. Shop HomElectrical's selection today!

What is the difference between one pushbutton vs. two pushbuttons?

Doorbells with one pushbutton are ideal for residential locations while doorbells with two pushbuttons are ideal for commercial locations with more than one entrance.

What is a dual chime?

A dual chime is a distinctive sound to distinguish between the front doorbell and back doorbell.

What does UL-listed mean?

A UL listing indicates that an electrical device has been tested for safety and quality assurance, and is safe for public use.

How much voltage can my circuit handle?

A doorbell transformer will lower the electrical current to about 10 to 20 volts. Most household circuit panels can handle 120 or 240 volts.

What is a Wired vs. a Wireless Doorbell?

  • A wired doorbell features a circuit that is completed when you press the button. When the circuit is complete, the chime or buzz sound is activated.
  • A wireless doorbell features a battery-operated transmitter that sends a radio signal to the receiver unit to activate the sound chip when the button is pressed.

What is a Doorbell?

A doorbell is a signaling device that is typically placed near an entry door to a building. When a visitor presses a button, the bell rings inside the building, alerting the occupant to the presence of the visitor.

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