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Floor boxes, or floor receptacles, are used to provide protection for your energy sources when grounded from dust and falling objects. Floor boxes offer multiple electrical sockets so that multiple different objects can be powered in one place. This unique access point typically has a protective covering, so that you can close the access point when not in use, and can have multiple different faces. Depending on your floor box, it can support normal GFCI plug ins, RJ45 jacks, USB ports, or other plug in options for electrical devices. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect floor box for your space today!

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What are the benefits between hinged door lids versus lifting lid floor boxes?

Hinged doors are often seen as more desirable for technicians and installers because most will lock into place when lifted. Ultimately, this allows for easier access to the outlets within, without the need to constantly re-position the lid when attempting to repair or adjust the floor box.

Recently, some manufacturers have even implemented a feature that raises the outlets within when the hinged doors are locked into place; making it easier for workers to reach the necessary outlets. On the other hand, lifting lids often do not lock into place which can make it more of a hassle for technicians to work on the floor boxes.

From a general consumer standpoint, both are perfectly viable options for floor boxes. Especially in residential areas, the type of lid chosen is a decision of preference rather than practicality.

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