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Floor boxes, also known as floor receptacles, are used to protect your energy sources from dust and falling objects. Floor boxes offer multiple electrical outlets so that different objects can be powered in one place. This unique access point typically has a protective covering, so that you can close the access point when not in use, and can have multiple different faces. Depending on your floor box, it can support normal GFCI plug-ins, RJ45 jacks, USB ports, or other connectors for electrical devices. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect floor outlet for your space today.

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What is a floor box?

A floor box is simply an electrical box that houses one or more outlets. Instead of being mounted on a wall, the electrical box is installed in the floor. And unlike a wall-mount outlet, floor boxes can be covered up.

Floor boxes are often used in commercial or industrial settings where power is required in a specific area. For example, you might see a steel box in the middle of a conference room floor in an office building. Employees can use this centrally located outlet to power items like a projector or conference phone, without having disruptive cords running throughout the room.

Manufacturers design electrical junction boxes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Floor boxes often come with tamper-resistant outlet caps or gaskets. They may unscrew or have flip lids to expose the outlets. They can be installed as part of a new construction or retrofitted into an existing floor. There are also poke-through floor boxes that are designed to be installed above grade or in drilled concrete floors.

Where can you use a floor box outlet?

Floor boxes are a convenient, effective way to power devices in any space. They can be installed in multiple types of materials, including laminate, carpet, or wood floors.

In residential settings, it can be helpful to have a floor box in a room where wall space might be limited, such as a workshop, office, or even a kitchen.

Many different industries, from healthcare to retail, rely on floor boxes to provide accessible power for their operations. You’ll find floor box outlets in:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Television studios

Floor receptacles may be required in certain meeting rooms to ensure compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC).

What are the benefits of floor box outlets?

Floor boxes can

  • Reduce safety hazards, since cords and chargers don’t have to be stretched across the room to a wall outlet
  • Accommodate open layouts, where devices may need to be plugged in at a distance from a wall
  • Offer more flexibility for room configurations since furniture or décor blocking wall plates is no longer a concern
  • Eliminate the need for an extension cord by providing a more convenient outlet location

How do you install a floor box?

We recommend contacting a certified electrician to perform any electrical work. Additionally, remember to shut off all power to the unit before beginning electrical work.

To install this type of box, measure and mark the spot on the floor where you want the electrical box to go. Cut a cavity into the floor that matches the dimensions of the box. You’ll need a perfect circle for a round floor box, or a rectangular floor cavity for a standard box. Place the box inside so the lid is flush. Then, you’ll need to connect the box to your power line or network line, depending on if you are connecting an outlet or internet port. Often, your floor box kit will come with the screws and other hardware you need to install it.

What types of floor boxes are available?

Floor boxes can be made from brass, stainless steel, other metals, or non-metallic materials like PVC. To protect the outlets from dust and debris, they will usually have a built-in floor box cover. Brass cover plates are common. Styles include:

  • Single-gang floor box: This type of electrical floor box has a single electrical outlet and is often used for a lamp or small appliance.
  • Double-gang floor box: This type, also known as a duplex receptacle, has two electrical outlets and can handle larger appliances.
  • Combination floor box: This type of outlet box has one or two electrical outlets, as well as one or more ports for internet, audio/video input, USB charging, or network connection. They’re helpful in offices and other spaces that need both power and internet connectivity.

There are also heavy-duty floor enclosures that are specifically designed to be waterproof. These boxes are used in outdoor areas or industrial settings where the floor box might be exposed to moisture.

What are the benefits between hinged door lids versus lifting lid floor boxes?

Hinged doors are often seen as more desirable for technicians and installers because most will lock into place when lifted. Ultimately, this allows for easier access to the outlets within, without the need to constantly re-position the lid when attempting to repair or adjust the floor box.

Recently, some manufacturers have even implemented a feature that raises the outlets when the hinged doors are locked into place; making it easier for workers to reach the necessary outlets. On the other hand, lifting lids often do not lock into place which can make it more of a hassle for technicians to work on the floor boxes.

From a general consumer standpoint, both are perfectly viable options for floor boxes. Especially in residential areas, the type of lid chosen is a matter of preference rather than practicality. Adjustable height boxes are also available to accommodate different floor substrates.

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