Lighting Control

Lighting control is extremely important when it comes to how to access and control your light bulbs and lighting fixtures in any residential or commercial location. You can choose from a variety of lighting controls including a light switch, in-wall timer, smart switch, dimmer switch, or lighting sensor. All of these light control switches can be useful in different areas and beneficial for different fixtures. Shop HomElectrical to find which smart light switch or dimmer switch you need today!
Save energy costs with dimmers which adjust lighting levels with compatible lights, with select models offering sensor and wireless features.

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Save time and energy using an in-wall timer to control your lighting, fans, heaters, and more.

Fan Controls

Control lighting and ceiling fans using fan controls, available in toggle, rotary, slide, and more control options, as well as options that allow you to control dimming.

Smart Switch

Make your home SMART using SMART switches which may be controlled using Z-Wave, WiFi, or other Smart Home automation systems, available with switch and dimmer options.

What is the difference between a smart switch and a light switch?

When choosing which lighting control option you need, you have to try and pick the one that will be the most beneficial to your location overall. A light switch and a smart switch are very similar, but a smart switch comes with more benefits.

  • Light switch: A normal switch, typically programmed into the wall, will control your light when turning on and off. It is the most simple lighting option and can control multiple lights depending on where it is installed.
  • Smart switch: A smart switch has the same job as a light switch, but it has more benefits. A smart wall switch can be connected to Wi-Fi, which allows you to be able to control your home lighting from any smart device no matter the distance. Smart light switches can also help you stay energy efficient while being cost effective, and can be beneficial for security purposes.

When and where would I use a lighting sensor?

Lighting sensors are a great addition to have to your lighting control because they will help you save energy and money! By turning on and off depending on lighting, heat, or movement, a lighting sensor will act as your wall switch to turn on and off lights when needed. If none of these factors are present, the light will remain off. Lighting sensors are used in many locations including:
  • Outside of buildings
  • Street lights
  • Parking lots
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms or other residential locations
  • Retail

What are the benefits of a dimmer?

A dimmer is a great lighting control tool to have because it will help you stay energy efficient! Different to a motion sensor, a dimmer will help regulate the brightness of your lights in a room by making them shine brighter or darker. When dimmed down, you will be saving energy and costs because there will be a lower output. Dimmers work the same as a normal light switch, but can be controlled different ways, include a smart dimmer. A smart dimmer switch can be controlled by a smart device, no matter the distance, which makes lighting in your commercial or residential space easy and efficient!

When would I need an in-wall timer?

An in-wall timer can be very beneficial for your lighting control because it can help program lighting throughout a day or for short periods of time. Depending on the type of in-wall timer you use, there are different benefits. For example, a mechanical timer will help when trying to set short amounts of time for lights to be on, such as an hour on the tennis court. On the other hand, a digital in-wall timer is often programmable and can sometimes be scheduled to control lighting for up to 7 days! Digital in-wall timer switches can often be used manually or automatically, and are helpful to staying energy efficient!
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