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Find the perfect smart light switch at HomElectrical that can be controlled by WiFi, Z-Wave, and most importantly, your smart phone! Browse our collection to control your lights from anywhere in the world to help reassure home safety today!

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What are the benefits of using a smart light switch?

A smart switch is a light switch that has advanced features to help automate homes and buildings. Not only are they beneficial because of their features, but also:

  • Smart switches resemble the same look and wiring as traditional switches and have the same plug-in place
  • They have radio wave capabilities which allows them to be controlled through WiFi with an app and sometimes voice control
  • They allow you to upgrade your current switches and are a more cost-effective solution for your built-in light bulbs and your most frequently used switches by being able to control the output energy
  • Allow you to have more specific light control with your smart bulbs because you can control the light output from each bulb to "set a mood"
  • You can schedule lights to change at certain times of day with your smart light switch, which is highly beneficial when waking up or going to sleep
  • They give your home a higher sense of security because you can control the smart switches from your phone from anywhere in the world to make it look as though you are home

Do I have to use the actual switch after installing a smart switch?

When you have a smart switch, you have the option of using the actual switch or using a smart device, such as your phone! With advanced technology, you are able to turn your lights on and on from anywhere in the world with your smart remote (your phone).

Once you program the smart switch to be controlled by your phone, you can also dim the lights from your phone as well if the bulbs are compatible. In this case, you don't have to have an actual dimmer to control the bulbs, and you can connect other smart bulbs in your space to be connected and controlled with the same app! As long as the smart bulbs are wired to the smart switch, they are easily controllable. 

Can I create a schedule to turn my lights on and off? 

Yes, you can! Have a smart switch is very beneficial for scheduling lighting throughout the day. You don't need to set your lighting preferences on the actual switch, but you can do it all on your smart switch app! Having a wifi light switch allows you to control all of the smart bulbs in your space with a click of a button, but they can also be set to be brighter and darker color temperatures (with dimmable bulbs) for when you are waking up and going to sleep. 

Why should I get a hardwired dimmer switch?

A hardwired dimmer switch would be installed into a wall the same way as any other light switch which makes it easy to use. This type of installation is perfect for those who are working with a big lighting area including:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Display Lighting

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