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In-wall timers are beneficial for any place because they give you control over multiple electrical devices including indoor and outdoor lighting, fans, heaters, and more! Shop Homelectrical today to stay energy efficient.

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What is a wall timer and what does it control?

An in-wall timer is a device that you install into your wall to give you control over electrical devices without the use of multiple lgiht switches/ Some of these electrical devices could be indoor and outdoor lights, motors, fans, heat lamps, or heaters. With some wall timers, you able to "set and forget," meaning you set your preferences once and never again, or they require manual set up and adjusting every 15 minutes to every 24 hours. 

What is the difference between a spring wound, mechanical, and push button timing light?

A spring wound, mechanical, and a push button in-wall timer are low cost and cost efficient. The spring wound timer switch is the most simplistic wall timer you can have, but the mechanical and push button timer switch are only one step up.

  • Spring Wound: Allows you to turn circuits on and off within a minimal amount of time from 15 minutes to 24 hours. These light switch timers are easy to use, but they require you to manually twist a dial to set a time for the duration you need. There is no programmed needed or required, and are typically used for spas, heat lamps, and outdoor lighting.
  • Mechanical: This in wall timer is the second generation after a spring wound timer and usually has a spring or dial to operate for up to a 24 hour period. The timer will automatically turn a circuit on or off and are fairly reliable in places such as bathrooms, entryways, hallways, indoor and outdoor lighting, lamps, and for holiday lighting.
  • Push Button: This in wall timer also has basic controls with multiple buttons on it to give you a specific amount of time, usually 5 minutes to 12 hours, that the device will operate. They can automatically shut off lights, spas, heaters, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, and many other devices

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