Power Strip

HomElectrical offers a variety of power strips for every situation. Our selection includes power strips for six, seven, eight, and 12 plugs as well as water resistant and pivoting power strips for your project. Find the power strip to fit your needs with HomElectrical.

Is it dangerous to plug a power strip into another?

Use Power Strips for appliances. This means a power strip with ten outlets can handle up to 10 devices if the maximum wattage and amperage do not exceed the number listed. Power strips are not designed to be plugged into another power strip. This term is called “piggy backing” or “daisy chaining” and by doing so can result in a fire. Be sure to know the maximum load capacity for the main circuit you are using before plugging in devices to avoid hazards.

What is A Smart Power Strip?

Smart Power strips work to reduce power usage and phantom power by shutting down power to products that go into standby mode. Smart Power Strips are designed to eliminate the hassle of removing unused plugs to prevent continual energy consumption or leakage.

What is Phantom Power or Power Leakage?

Phantom power, also known as stand by power, is the continual use or leakage of electricity when a device is plugged in but not turned on. This refers to the small amounts of energy that are centrally “leaked” or consumed even though the appliance is turned off. In some cases, phantom power can be more than 40 Watts. Here are three tips to reduce phantom power:

  • Use a Power Strip with ON / OFF Switches
  • Use Energy Star Products
  • Unplug your products when your are not using them.

Consider Switching to Smart Power Strips today to save more money from phantom power.

What is the difference between a power strip and a surge protector?

A Surge Protector will protect your electronics from unexpected spikes in power like the away a GFCI outlet works. The difference between a surge protector and a power strip is a surge protector will have a rating in Joules and a power strip will not. A surge protector will also have a maximum wattage capacity that it can handle during an electrical spike.

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