Electrical Reference Book

When conducting electrical work, it’s important to stay up to date on the terms and practices put in place to keep you and your workplace safe. Stay educated with a great selection of electrical reference books from trusted brands like Rack-A-Tiers and Gardner Bender when you shop at HomElectrical!

How to circuit bend?

Circuit bending is the process of customizing circuits for electronic devices. Circuit bending is commonly practiced in the music creation process to create new sounds out of older equipment. You can get a better understanding of how to circuit bend with a copy of Ugly’s Circuit Bending, a guide put together by Rack-A-Tiers that offers numerous examples of the process. Their easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, with photos, teaches you how to properly and safely perform circuit bends, available at HomElectrical.com

What is NFPA 70E?

NFPA 70 is another term for the National Electrical Code, or NEC, and it is a guide that goes into detail on safe practices to follow when designing, installing, or performing electrical work. NFPA 70E is a guide of general principles and procedures that should be practiced in the workplace to keep workers safe when performing electrical work. At HomElectrical, you can find Rack-A-Tiers 2021 edition of Ugly’s Electrical Safety & NFPA 70E, which offers these new updates:

  • An 8-step process for establishing and verifying electrically safe work conditions
  • New test meter safety ratings, including 4 categories for test instruments and equipment
  • A revised set of tables for estimating the likelihood of arc-flash incidents
  • Expanded content for the new specifications for arc-rated outerwear
  • New coverage of Article 360, an article dedicated to the safety-related requirements for capacitors

What is a multitester?

A multitester is used to gather data about electrical circuits you’re working on. Also known as a multimeter, this device is capable of measuring voltage, current, and resistance among various other things. You can get a better understanding of the many functions of your multimeter with Gardner Bender’s How to Use Your Multitester, offering fully illustrated examples and easy-to-understand instructions based on the National Electrical Code, available at HomElectrical.com!

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