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Protect your wiring with a power outlet box! HomElectrical sells many varieties of power outlet boxes that prevent shock and works well in industrial applications. Browse the products shown and shop HomElectrical to find the best power electrical outlet boxes for your project.

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What is the use of a power outlet box?

A power outlet box encloses wire connections, helping protect against short circuits. They contain either light switches or receptacles. The National Electric Code (NEC), as well as local building codes, regulates the types of receptacle outlet boxes allowed in each type of application.

Different situations require different types of boxes. A handy box functions as both a light switch and outlet box. A junction box allows circuits to split. A new work box goes in new construction sites before applying drywall. An old work box goes on pre-existing walls. An outdoor box protects wiring from the elements.

Different options of outlet boxes include standard rectangular, Decora, blank, single gang, and a double gang, or square box. These options allow you to match the style of outlet or switch that fits inside the box. Use a ceiling box for fixtures such as a ceiling fan or a heavy lighting fixture like a chandelier. A power outlet box needs a proper cover (don’t cover it with drywall or paneling). It also needs enough space for the conductors inside. The covers you choose must match the style of the electrical box.

What is the use of a portable outlet box?

A portable outlet box helps provide temporary power to electrical products in places such as construction sites, outdoor events, and even disaster relief. Eaton Wiring’s UL Listed portable outlet boxes use an Alcryn thermoplastic material instead of metal in order to prevent electric shock. Keep in mind that plastic electrical boxes do not work for metallic sheathed cable. Metallic cable requires a metal box instead. Eaton Wiring outlet boxes, such as the Non-metallic outlet box, contain a large internal volume to make wiring easier.

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