Data, Voice & Video Tools & Connectors

Discover data, audio, and video testing kits as well as a variety of other products, including VDV distance meters, continuity testers, coax installation and test kits, and much more for use in electrical applications.
Find a selection of ethernet connectors, including combination wall outlets, connector wall jacks, modular connectors, telephone plugs, modular data plugs, and more.
Discover a variety of ethernet wall jacks, including 4-conductor phone wall jacks, coaxial and phone jack adapters, coax inserts, and much more.

Coax/BNC Connector

Shop HomElectrical to find coaxial adapters, connectors, coax connecters, telephone and CATV wall outlets, and more.

Punchdown Tool

Find a variety of punchdown tools, including an extended reach blade for impact punchdown tools, Klein Tools Krone Blade punchdown tool, and more.

Low Voltage Wire Stripper

Low voltage wire strippers allow you to strip insulation from low voltage wires without damaging the internal conductors. HomElectrical sells a wide variety of wire strippers for different types of wire.
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