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What Does RG Mean in a Coaxial Cable?

A Coaxial Cable is used as a communication or transmission line for TV and Radio frequency signals.  The RG Coax Cable is a series of standard types of Coaxial cables, originally designated for Military use.  The “RG” stands for Radio Guide and are numbered in the series.  The number next to RG refers to the Copper contents according to the American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Do cable splitters lessen the signal?

A Cable splitter will degrade or lessen the original signal from the Coaxial Cable Input even if the other ports are unused.  You can add terminator caps to any port that is not being used to reduce the lowering of the signals strength.  By using cheaper cable splitters the amount of signal loss for each port can increase.  It is important to understand what your requirements are for each COAXIAL input so you can purchase the correct Cable Splitter.

How do you determine AWG wire size?

Stranded American wire gauges can be calculated by measuring the equivalent copper area or cross-sectional copper area. First remove the wire coating to measure the bare diameter of your wire, then locate the circular mils value in the row that matches your measurement. Then multiply the circular mils by the number of strands in the cable.  For example, a 7X7 stranded wire would have 7 individual wires that make up the bare wire and diameter.

Can you use a splitter on an Ethernet cable?

Yes! Cable splitters have ports that can make more Ethernet ports by repeating network traffic.  You can connect your router to a cable splitter in another room by using the coaxial cable input.  From there you can run multiple devices from the hub or router directly.

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