Ethernet Connector

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Are LAN and Ethernet the Same Thing?

An Ethernet Connection is a type of Network connection that is used for setting up internet on your Local Area Network (LAN).  Therefore, Ethernet and LAN are the same and the connector that is used to create the network connections is most typically an RJ4 Connector.

Can you use a Cable Splitter on an Ethernet cable?

Yes! Cable splitters have ports that can make more Ethernet ports by repeating network traffic.  You can connect your router to a cable splitter in another room by using the coaxial cable input.  From there you can run multiple devices from the hub or router directly.

What is the Difference Between RJ11 and RJ45 Jacks?

The Difference between the two plugs is primarily where they are used.  An RJ45 Jack is used for network connections with computers or other networks.  An RJ11 is a cable connector used in phone jacks with phone cables.  An RJ45 is an Ethernet cable.

How Long Can An Ethernet Cable Be?

A Category Five or “cat 5” running between two points should not exceed 328 feet (100 Meters).  This is the cheapest option however the cat 5 Cables are susceptible to interference and can slow down your network connection.

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