Low Voltage Wire Stripper

Remove the insulation from low voltage wires and coaxial cable when you use low voltage wire strippers from HomElectrical! HomElectrical offers a variety of wire stripper that easily and cleanly strips insulation. Some wires even include a gauge to pre-measure the cable. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect wire stripper for your project needs.

What is the function of a low voltage wire stripper?

Just as low voltage wire differs from regular wire, a low voltage wire stripper features differences as well. Regular wire runs 120V or 240V of electricity. Low voltage wire runs 50V or less. Typical low voltages include 12V, 24V, and 48V. This means that low voltage wire gets damaged or breaks more easily than regular wire. A low voltage wire stripper ensures you can make a smooth easy rotation that won't strip the insulation while keeping the delicate wires intact.

Use a wire stripper when you need to replace or repair electrical wires. A wire stripper removes insulation from wires easily and won’t damage internal conductors such as copper wire. Wire strippers differ from cable cutters in that a wire stripper only cuts the insulation layer. The cable cutter cuts through the internal conductors.

How does a wire stripper work?

First make sure that the wire stripper you plan to use matches the gauge of the wire you will work on. Once you have the right tool, simply open the handles, “seat” the wire into the hole, and pull the wire stripper. This removes the insulation. It features a slide depth gauge that pre measures coax cable for fast, accurate, and repeatable strips. You may have to twist either the wire or the stripper to fully cut the insulation.

What types of wire stripper are available?

HomElectrical offers various types of wire strippers that work on different wires. With premium tool features, Klein tools offers qualities you won’t find anywhere else! The Klein Tools Combination Radial Stripper with its consistent cuts won’t nick the inner sheaths of your wire. The additional external blade in a structured design allows user to slit wire jacket for mid span access to open lengthwise.

The Combination Durable High-Carbon Steel Radial Stripper cleanly strips both coaxial and twisted-pair cable.

The Coax Cable Radial Stripper Tool features a Klein exclusive sliding depth gauge which can pre measure coax cable, making quick, precise, and repeatable strips. The Coax Cable Stripper, 2-Level, Radial provides 2-level coaxial preparation and stripping all in one step.

The Yellow Finger-Loop External Blade Twisted Pair Radial Stripper's high-carbon steel cutting blades automatically adjust to the cable diameter. This tool measures coax cable for quick, repeatable stripping.

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