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Find the right punch down tool for your project at HomElectrical. HomElectrical sells a wide variety of heavy-duty punch down tools and blades perfect for making reliable connections into panels, punch down blocks, and keystone jacks. Shop HomElectrical to find your punchdown tool today!

What is a punch down tool?

A punch down tool helps electricians insert wires, such as an ethernet cable, to patch panels, blocks, or surface mount boxes. It gets its name because it “punches” the wire in place using an impact action. The parts of this hand tool include a handle, spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade, and some tools include a metal hook to terminate ethernet cables. In many cases, the punch down tool proves more effective than a crimping tool since punch downs cost less and have easier assembly. After the tool makes the connection, the blade cuts off any excess wire.

What is the difference between a 110 and 66 blade tool?

Punch down tools typically have 66 or 110 blade options, which refer to the type of block the blade works on. When working with a punch down tool, the blade must match the type of block. Many blades work for both 66 and 110 blocks, but some only work on one specific type, so check the label to ensure the blade works on the correct box.

66-blades work on 66 blocks, which connect wires in telephone systems, although due to their larger size and 16 MHz signaling, 66 blocks do not work well for high-speed data circuits. 110 blocks mostly replaced 66 blocks, but you can still find 66-blocks in older systems and Category 5e Certified 66 blocks still meet standards for termination and can still install as new.

110 blocks support 100 MHz or faster signaling, and they work for both telephone and computer networks since their stacking capability allows a higher density of terminations than older blocks.

If you know you will be working on both types, get a tool rated for 66/110 panels.

What punch down tool products does HomElectrical sell?

HomElectrical sells many high-quality Klein Tools punchdown products and parts. Punchdown tools offered include:

  • The Blade Impact Punch down Tool with bayonet style twist and lock socket
  • The Krone Blade Punchdown Tool
  • The Punchdown Screwdriver Multi-Tool

HomElectrical also sells replacement blade such as:

  • The Extended Reach Blade with Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
  • Durablade 110/66 Cut Combination Punchdown Blade
  • Punchdown Tool Blade-110 Type
  • The Terminate and Cut 66 Type Punchdown Tool Blade

In addition, tool kit options include:

  • The Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tools with adjustable high and low compression force
  • The WorkEnds Kit
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