Electrical Outlets

Find the perfect electrical outlet & receptacle for your next project at HomElectrical! We offer a variety of electrical receptacles ranging from tamper-resistant (TR) to weather-resistant (WR), or a combination of both if you need it. Whether you’re looking to power small appliances, such as power tools, or larger appliances, such as AC units or dryers, you are sure to find the right outlet for you.
Find a selection of duplex outlets available as tamper resistant, isolated ground, GFCI receptacle kits, and many more duplex outlet options.
Find single receptacle outlets, available in color coded, isolated ground, locking receptacle, commercial grade, recessed, and more outlet and receptacle options.
Shop HomElectrical to find a wide variety of electrical connectors, including locking connectors, flanged outlets, straight blade connectors, and much more.

Straight Blade Plugs

HomElectrical carries a wide variety of straight blade plugs, including color coded options, locking plugs, snap-in plugs, angled straight blade plugs, and much more.

GFCI Outlets

Ensure protection from electrical hazards or injuries with GFCI Outlets and Receptacles with select models featuring tamper resistant, weather resistant, or self-testing capabilities.

Washer/Dryer Outlet

Find a selection of outlets for use with washers and dryers, including watertight, heavy duty, industrial grade and more outlet options.

Portable GFCI

Shop from a collection of reliable portable GFCI products such as inline portable GFCI with outlet boxes, GFCI panel mounts, inline field attaches, and more!

USB Outlets

Make charging your appliances easier using outlets equipped with a USB port, available in multiple USB types, tamper resistant options, or options that offer dual or triple USB ports.

Light Switch/Electrical Outlet Combo

Power light fixtures and electrical devices with light switch/electrical outlet combination devices, available in multiple styles.

Electric Range Outlet and Plug

Find electric range outlet and plug options available for residential and commercial applications at HomElectrical.

Smart Outlet

Make your home SMART using SMART outlets, available in smart plug and duplex receptacles, as well as a Zigbee Range Extender option.
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Are Temper-resistant Receptacles (outlets) Required in Schools?

All 15-amp and 20-amp, 125V, and 250V CI receptacles must be classified as tamper-resistant GFCI. Tamper-resistant receptacles contain an internal, spring-loaded shutter that does not allow the entry of foreign objects. The shutter will not permit an electrical connection unless the pressure on both sides of the internal shutter is even.

They are required in the following locations:

  • Dwelling units (house or apartment)
  • Guest rooms
  • Hotel suites
  • Childcare facilites
  • Preschools
  • Elementary education facilities
  • Business offices
  • Corridors
  • Waiting rooms
  • Medical facilities (including outpatient)
  • College dormitories

How Many Outlets Can Be Used on a Circuit Breaker?

The NEC specifies that a circuit breaker shouldn’t handle more than 80% of its load rating (max amperage).

Voltage Aperage Total Outlets Allowed
120V 15-amp 10
120V 20-amp 13
240V 15-amp 20
240V 20-amp 16

How Do I Know If It Is Time to Replace My Electrical Outlets?

There are a few key ways to know that it's time to replace your electrical outlet. Explore the possible situations and solutions below:

Continuous Tripping

If you see that your receptacle is being tripped without any larger-than-normal appliances or devices being plugged into it, this is a sign it's time for a replacement. Unjustified tripping could signify a few different problems including issues like water damage to the socket or worn insulation. Until you take the unit out and inspect it, it can be hard to know. Read our guide on how to find out exactly why your GFCI unit keeps tripping.

Older Structure

If you live in a house, condo, or apartment that is more than 15 years old, having the electrical outlets replaced is a good idea. Though many outlets can have a lifespan of between 15 and 25 years, some can fail as early as 5 years after they're installed. As appropriate based on your living arrangement, have the electrical outlet inspected for any early signs of problems, such as cracks, discoloration, or thinning insulation.

Slipping Plugs

If your outlet has a hard time gripping the prongs of whatever you plug into it, it's likely time to get a new outlet. Sometimes there are worn or small, two-prong plugs that will go into an outlet, but they just won't be very secure (shifting whenever the cord is moved, for example). But if you have tried to plug multiple kinds of appliance or devices into an outlet and everything just sits in the outlet or falls out—there's no secure snap into the receptacle—this likely means you have worn contacts. While contact naturally wear down over time, it's important to catch this issue quickly. Plugs that aren't secured into your outlet can cause arcing.Electricity is listed by the National Fire Protection Association as one of the top causes of house fires. Protect yourself, your family, and your property by checking for loose contacts and getting your outlets replaced as needed.

What is the Difference Between an Outlet and a Receptacle?

There is no difference at all. The words “outlet” and “receptacle” are interchangeable terms used in the industry. They both refer to the units where you plug in your electronic devices and appliances.  

What is Tamper Resistant?

Tamper-resistant receptacles contain an internal, spring-loaded shutter that doesn't allow foreign objects to be placed inside. The shutter makes sure that no circuit connection can be made unless the pressure on both sides of the internal shutter is even. This helps keep kids and pets safe from accidental electrocution. This feature makes a tamper-resistant receptacle perfect for schools, daycare centers, and indoor play areas. It has the same level of effectiveness (if not higher) than external outlet covers, but is more beneficial because it eliminates a choking hazard.

What is a Self-Grounded Outlet?

A self-grounding electrical outlet features copper clips and a mounting screw. This mounting screw is designed to pick up the grounding from the box instead of having to ground it with a grounding wire.

What is a Decora vs. Standard Control Style?

Decora is another name for what's commonly known as a "rocker" switch. The traditional switch type (A.K.A. "toggle switch") is smaller and protrudes out from the wall more abruptly. Like a toggle switch, the rocker switch can be set to up/on and down/off positions. Rocker switches work the same way, but they have a wider, flatter mechanism that lays almost flush against the wall. For some stylistic reasons, this may be the preferred switch type for certain projects.

What is a Single, Duplex, or Combo Outlet Type?

Single Outlet

This outlet only has a single receptacle for electrical devices. Appropriate for rooms where there is rarely any need to plug something in.

Duplex Outlet

This outlet has two receptacles, allowing two devices to be plugged in at a time. These kinds of receptacles have become more common with the popularity of portable electronic devices such as lightweight laptops and smartphones.

Combo Outlet

This outlet is built just like a duplex outlet, except that there is only one place to plug something in. The other segment of the receptacle is used for a switch that can be connected to a light bulb or other fixture.

What is an Electrical Outlet?

Electrical outlets are the receptacles for the plug of an electrical appliance. More specifically, it is an opening or series of openings connected to a wired power source that provides electricity to electronic devices.

Can you buy outlets with USB ports built-in?

Yes, we offer USB outlets. Browse our selection and never have to worry about finding a charging block again!
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