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USB outlets provide electrical USB ports, which eliminate the need for AC adapters and minimize clutter. HomElectrical’s selection of tamper-resistant USB power outlets feature A, B, and C ports ideal for charging computers, Bluetooth headsets, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. Improve the efficiency of your home or business with USB wall outlets today!

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What are the different types of USB ports?

USB A Port: USB A is the standard rectangular shape USB outlet that everyone is familiar with, found in older computers, keyboards, and phone charging blocks.

USB B Port: USB B is a wider charging port, commonly found in computers and mobile phones.

USB Micro Port: This is the standard rectangular shape micro port often found in digital cameras and cell phones.

USB Mini Port: Is an even smaller version of the USB-B port. It is typically used for digital cameras and other devices that require a smaller port.

USB C Port: USB type C plugs are the new standard shape for electronic charging ports. This USB is rounded on the edges and is about the size of a micro USB connector. Type C will deliver the maximum power available to reduce the time the device needs to charge.

USB outlet different types of charging ports

Will a USB wall outlet charge my devices faster?

Enerlites USB wall outlets are known for their high-speed charging ability without the need for AC adapters. All of their wall USB chargers use smart chips that detect a device's power consumption in order to maximize charging efficiency. A USB outlet that is capable of fast charging delivers more amperage than the standard USB output of 0.5A.


What is the maximum amperage for USB wall outlets?

The amount of amperage that your outlet can put out will determine how quickly your devices will be able to charge. The higher the amp, the bigger the device can be. Each USB port will draw a specific number of amps based on its max amp number. So, if an outlet has two ports and is listed as 4.0A, then each port will draw 2A, unless specified otherwise. Sometimes the manufacturer will specify individual amperages per port.

There are six different AMP options to choose from:

  • 1.0A/2.0A: Both 1.0A and 2.0A are standard USB ports that are ideal for charging smart phones.
  • 3.0A/3.1A: Both 3.0A and 3.1A can charge medium electronics, such as tablets and Bluetooth headsets.
  • 4.0A: These USB outlets can charge large devices, like laptops.
  • 4.8A: These USB ports have a maximum power charge of 4.8 amperages and are also ideal for large devices.

Are USB outlets tamper-resistant?

We offer a variety of USB-enabled electrical outlets that are tamper resistant. Tamper-resistant outlets protect against electrical shock hazards by preventing anyone from tampering with the receptacle. These outlets come equipped with a spring-loaded shutter that will close the opening of an outlet to disrupt the insertion of small foreign objects.
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