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Create the perfect smart space and shop for smart outlets at HomElectrical. These tamper resistant smart outlets fall in line with the 2017 National Electric Code regulations, and are the perfect replacement to any duplex receptacle.  Enjoy wireless home automation with Z-Wave wireless technology, and the touch of a button from your mobile device or Z-Wave remote control. These Z-Wave enabled devices can easily connect to other Z-Wave products on the same mesh network, and save you energy. Enhance the value of your space and start reaping the benefits of smart technology today!

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Are smart outlets compatible with Z-Wave? 

Yes. Z-Wave is the preferred wireless mesh networking system for smart home automation devices. This networking system allows for smart devices to connect to each other using a single hub (router).

What is the wireless range of the Z-Wave network? 

Z-Wave has an operating range of up to 100 feet and runs on a frequency of about 800-900MHz. These low frequency signals easily travel through walls and other obstructions with no signal interference.

What are some of the key features of the GE Z-Wave smart outlet?

  • One Z-Wave remote
  • controlled AC outlet
  • Remote On/Off control via the Z-Wave controller network
  • Manual On/Off with the front panel pushbutton
  • One Always-On pass through AC outlet

How many devices can Z-wave control? 

Z-Wave permits up to 232 connected devices, with a total of 4 hops allowed. Each device serves as a signal repeater, and a “hop” basically means the signal wave “jumps” from one device to the other until it reaches the central hub. When you increase the devices in your home, your network becomes more reliable.  This ultimately expands wireless coverage over a greater scale, removing the need for multiple hubs.

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