GlobaLux UFO LED High Bay

LED High Bay lights from GlobaLux Lighting offer a variety of applications and an outstanding value for an LED light fixture. When retrofitting to LED Lights a UFO high bay fixture is the most versatile choice. By replacing old fluorescent bulbs to any of GlobaLux Lighting UFO High bay lights you ensure the highest quality and performance available for any commercial, industrial, gymnasium, and manufacturing needs. Shop HomElectrical to pick up your new GlobaLux Lighting UFO High bay light today. With a large variety of lumen outputs and color tempter trues, GlobaLux Lighting is the best choice. Enjoy free shipping with your new Led Lights today!

What is a LED UFO High Bay light used for?

UFO High Bay lights are used in areas with high ceilings (High Bay) of 20 feet. To put it simply a High Bay light is powerful light source that can cover a large area of space with bright light. A UFO High Bay refers to its circular shape. There are also linear high bay lights that usually work with tube lighting. Both High bay and UFO High bay lights are most commonly used in commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses.
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