GlobaLux UFO LED High Bay

GlobaLux Lighting offers UFO LED high bay lights for a variety of applications and outstanding value. When retrofitting from metal halide to LEDs, UFO high bays are one of the most versatile choices. With choices of different lumen outputs and suspended mounting capabilities, GlobaLux UFO high bays from HomElectrical are great lighting options for your space.

What is a LED UFO High Bay light used for?

UFO high bay lights are used in areas with high ceilings, typically taller than 15-20 feet. High bays are powerful light sources that can cover large areas of space with bright light. UFO high bays have circular, disc-like shapes that allow for wide spans of illumination.

They are most used in commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses, storage facilities, and factories.

GlobaLux Lighting’s UFO high bay lights are designed to be used in most commercial and industrial spaces, specifically manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, and warehouses.

How to mount UFO high bays?

UFO high bay lights are versatile fixtures capable of both surface and suspended mounting. Surface mounting attaches the fixture directly to the ceiling, while suspended mounting hangs it from a cord, cable, hook, or rod.

Depending on the make of the model, the high bay may require a specific mounting type. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to see what mounting capabilities your high bay fixture has.

GlobaLux UFO high bays have durable rings on their fixtures that allow them to hang from the ceiling with chains, cables, or hooks. Due to their low-profile design, you can place the fixtures closer to the ceiling to maximize open space.

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