GlobaLux LED Recessed

GlobaLux offer both LED Recessed Panel lights and LED Recessed Troffer lights designed to replace traditional fluorescent bulbs. Pick up the LED RLP Series and the LED LTF series at HomElectrical today to enjoy free shipping with your order!

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What is an LED Troffer Light?

An LED Tr offer light ( also known as LED Recessed Tr offer Light) is a square or rectangular light fixture that fits into ceiling or within T-BAR grids. Typically LED Tr offer lights are used in classrooms, offices, commercial, industrial and warehouse lighting. The LED Tr offer lights works with LED Tubes and are typically 1 X 4, 2 X 2, and 2 X 4 feet in dimensions. Recessed LED Troffers are highly energy efficient and ar easily retrofitted to replace fluorescent bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

What is a LED Panel Light?

An LED Panel Light is a lighting fixture used for surface mounted ceiling applications. They are like for like replacements for antiquated fluorescent bulbs used in classrooms, offices, and warehouses. Since they are designed to directly replace fluorescent bulbs they can be used with suspension ceiling applications as well. LED Panel Lights reduce energy with the use of LED Drivers and LED Chips that prevent light leakage.
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