GlobaLux LED Generic Ceiling

The GlobaLux LED Generic Series is a LED ceiling or LED wall mount fixture series can be used in a broad range of residential and commercial applications. This series provides customers the latest LED, solid state lighting and electronic driver technology for optimal performance and maximized energy efficiency. Shop HomElectrical today for all of GlobaLux products today!

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What LED Bulb wattage will work with my GlobaLux Generic Ceiling Fixture?

GlobaLux LED Generic Ceiling fixtures come with four wattage options: 13W, 17W, 26W, and 34W. This can be determined by the part number for each available option. GlobaLux Generic ceiling fixtures use LED bulbs and are designed to replace incandescent bulbs. For more information on bulb wattage check out HomElectrical's blog here.

Are GlobaLux Ceiling Fixtures Dimmable?

Yes! GlobaLux LED Generic Ceiling fixtures come with two dimming capabilities. You can choose from a complete control with 120-120V LED driver that ranges from 100 percent illumination or can reduce lighting to as light as 10 percent. GlobaLux LED Generic Ceiling Fixture also com with TRIAC dimming capabilities for a modified control. For more information on how to choose the right dimming drive for you read HomElectrical's blog here.
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