GlobaLux LED High Bay

GlobaLux LED High Bay Fixtures provide a large variety of solutions for replacing HID and fluorescent tube lights. The GlobaLux LHB series can be easily installed with fully dimmable capabilities, building controls, motion sensors and daylight harvesting. By replacing old fluorescent tubes with LED High Bay lights you are investing in the most efficient technology with the longest life span available. Shop HomElectrical today for all of GlobaLux LED lights to see if you qualify for free shipping today.

What is a LED High Bay Light used for?

LED High Bay Lights and LED High Bay fixtures are energy efficient lights specifically designed to use in areas with tall ceilings and large floor plans. LED High Bay Fixtures use LED Tubes to replace HID and fluorescent bulbs and dramatically reduce energy consumption. GlobaLux LED High Bay lights are perfect for industrial and commercial buildings and project or focus light directly at a long range, covering a wide floor plan.

Will My LED High Bay Flicker?

No! GlobaLux High Bay lights and fixtures feature Instant On capability that removes flickering found in florescent bulbs. Flickering is caused when ionized gas conducts electricity which is how the bulb produces light. The starter can stop working which will cause the the bulbs to flicker. LED Tube lights do not contain any gas and do not need to warm up, they turn on just as soon as you flip the switch.
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