GlobaLux LED Emergency/Exit Signs

The GlobaLux LED Emergency Exit signs offer the LXS series, a compact and low profile Exit Sign that combines an attractive, easy-to-install compact contemporary design with proven, ultra-reliable electronics to provide the very best in energy efficient emergency lighting. Pick up your GlobaLux LED Exit sign from HomElectrical and receive free shipping on most items today!

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What color do exit signs have to be?

In the United States, exit signs can be red or green. Depending on your city or state code may determine the exact color requirements for LED Exit and LED Emergency signs. Many cities have implemented building codes for contractors to follow so be sure to check your local code requirements before you install your new LED Emergency and Exit sign.

How do I test my LED Emergency Exit Sign?

Most LED Emergency Exit signs have test buttons already built into the casing. In order to make sure your LED Emergency Exit Sign is working properly press and hold the this button. There will be a "Push to Test" button on the outside of the casing. Press this button and hold for thirty seconds. If nothing happens then bulb or the battery may need to be replaced. It is a good idea t check your LED Emergency Exit sign at least once a month.
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