GlobaLux LED Wrap

GlobaLux LED Lighting Premium Wrap around LED Lights are a cost effective and energy saving replacement for antiquated fluorescent bulb and light fixtures. GlobaLux LED Wrap around LED light fixtures are ideal for lighting in parking garages, stairwells, and will help you make building safety requirements. LED Surface Mounted led light fixtures work in both commercial and residential areas. Shop HomElectrical now to receive free shipping on your purchase today.

Do GlobaLux LED Wrap Lights come with a emergency battery back up?

Yes! You can purchase a Battery Back up for emergency egress applications. Choose between model numbers EML14-1400 Lumen Emergency Battery and EML8-800 Lumen Emergency Batteries to use in emergency situations. GlobaLux LED Wrap lights will meet building code requirements and can be configured to add extra safety with emergency batteries.

Can I add a motion sensor to my LED Wrap light for outdoor use?

Yes! GlobaLux LED Wrap lights are UL rated for COVERED outdoor use but can be used indoors as well. Choose the MQ5 Integral ON-OFF motion sensor for your GlobaLux LED Wrap light to increase the lifespan from 60,000 hours to 100,000 when operating in a reduced mode with and added motion sensor.
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