GlobaLux LED Undercabinet

GlobaLux LED undercabinet lights provide task or accent lighting for cabinetry, display cases, offices, coves, and more. They are available with dimming options and a variety of different finishes such as white, nickel, and bronze. With simple installations and standard knockout holes that make them ideal replacements for fluorescent fixtures, GlobaLux undercabinet lights are the perfect LED task lights for your space.

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How to mount under cabinet lights?

The most common way to mount under cabinet lights is by attaching small brackets to the bottom of the cabinets and screwing the fixtures to them. This ensures that the lights are stabilized and flush to the undersides of the cabinet.

GlobaLux’s undercabinet lights come with the mounting hardware included for easy installation. They also offer installation guides for many of their fixtures to give buyers the skills they need to install their lights without the need to hire a professional.

When choosing placement for under cabinet lights, you should place them closer to the front of the cabinets. The front of a kitchen cabinet typically extends to about the halfway point of the counter, so placing the lights towards the front will provide central lighting, maximizing the lighting on your countertops. If you place under-cabinet lights too far back, they will not provide enough light over the areas where you normally do tasks. Placing them too far back can also create harsh shadows and glares on your kitchen walls and other surfaces.

What are the different types of under cabinet lights?

Under cabinet lights come in two main forms: bar lights and puck lights. Bar lights are elongated strips that provide a linear, rectangular light. You install these parallel to the edges of your cabinetry to illuminate long stretches of your countertop. Puck under cabinet lights are flat, round fixtures that provide circular illumination. These are better at shining individual, concentrated lighting over specific areas. To achieve the same level of light distribution, you are likely to need two puck lights for every one bar light.

GlobaLux offers a wide selection of under cabinet bar lights with lengths ranging from 9 inches all the way to 4 feet. You can wire them directly or link them together, and their low-profile designs make them easy to hide behind cabinet lips for a subtle lighting appearance.

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