GlobaLux LED Outdoor Area Lights

LED Area lights from GlobaLux are perfect for Outdoor LED lighting. Combining a versatile and durable fixture with energy efficient capabilities make GlobaLux LED Areas lights the perfect solution for outdoor commercial applications. Shop HomElectrical today for all your GlobaLux LED lighting needs that will add style while reducing the costs of your energy bill. Pick up and LED Area light today and qualify for free shipping today!

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What types of outdoor area lights can be used for residential spaces?

There are several types of outdoor area lights perfectly suited for residential use:

  1. Floodlights are a popular choice for homeowners looking to illuminate a larger area with fewer lights. Their wide beam angle also makes them ideal for security purposes. Floodlights are commonly installed over backyards, gardens and driveways.
  2. Pathlights are specifically designed to illuminate walkways, garden paths and steps. They also can be used to highlight the landscaping features of your home.
  3. Wall mounted lights can be attached to exterior walls to offer both functional and decorative lighting. They are perfect for both entrance areas and outdoor living spaces.

For illuminating larger commercial spaces, shoebox area lights are a great option. With up to 300W, Globalux shoebox area lights are an excellent choice for parking lots, large driveways and expansive yards.

What is the difference between a photocell and a microwave sensor?

Microwave sensors operate by measuring the time it takes for microwave signals to bounce back to the sensor. When a person or object moves through the area, it alters the length of time it takes for the signal to return. The lengthening of time triggers the lights to turn on, providing illumination exactly when and where it is needed. Microwave sensors are commonly used with security lights because of their ability to provide motion triggered lighting.

Photocells are equipped with semiconductors that respond to changes in light levels. This allows electricity to flow more efficiently as the light level increases. Because of this, photocells are commonly used as dusk to dawn sensors in LED light fixtures.

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