GlobaLux LED Strip Lights

GlobaLux LED Strip lights are highly engineered performance LED lighting options. Equipped with a traditional look and innovative technology that makes replacing antiquated incandescent bulbs easy. The LCS Channel light family offers multiple lumen options for 2 X 2 and 2 X 4 fixtures will ensure your find the correct lighting solution for your needs. HomElectrical offers the full line of high quality LCS LED Channel strip lights and LED Industrial strip lights on the market today!

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How long does a LED Strip Light last?

Technology for LED Light bulbs is rapidly increasing each year. Today the common LED Strip light will have an average life span of 50,000 hours when operated with a twelve hour continual use day. This is the equivalent to 11 years which is ten times longer than typical CFLs, Halogens, and fluorescent bulbs. Adding dimming capabilities and motion sensors are accessories that can prolong a LED Strip light's lifespan by removing unnecessary running hours.

How Much money will LED Strip lights save me?

Running only one incandescent bulb for five hours a day cost an industry estimated $32.00 for two years. By replacing an LED Light bulb in the same fixture for the same amount of time will cost an estimated $12.00. When you add multiple light bulbs and adjust the wattage equivalent for LED Lights the savings will add up over time. The true amount of savings will of course depend your LED Light usage and needs.
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