Ingersoll-Rand is a manufacturer of compressor systems, power tools, and lifting and material handling products. You can find their tools being used in a wide array of commercial applications including: construction, demolition, engineering, carpentry, welding, and more. Discover our collection of Ingersoll-Rand products for your commercial and residential applications at HomElectrical.

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What is an Ingersoll-Rand Pneumatic Needle Scaler?

These pneumatic needle scalers are generally used on metal surfaces in order to remove:
  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Dirt
  • Mill Scale
  • Weld Slag

What are the benefits to an Ingersoll-Rand Backfill Tamper?

The backfill tampers are designed so that they can quickly compact soil or sand in a variety of applications including:
  • Foundry Molds
  • Backfilling Foundations
  • Pipework
  • Cable Trenching and more
Ingersoll-Rand backfill tampers are going to be able to hold up against and continue to work in those tough environments.
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