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Anchor Brand is a supplier of multiple hand tools, safety supplies, and other accessories that are generally used in industrial and commercial applications. They can be used in construction, demolition, welding, and so much more. All of their tools like wire brushes, personal protective equipment, or wrenches are made from reliable materials including: stainless steel, steel, polycarbonate, and more. Venture through our full selection of Anchor brand products for your applications at HomElectrical.

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7.6-in Cable Tie, 50 lb Tensile Strength, Red
Organize your cables, wires, and other items with Anchor Brand's 7.6 inch cable tie. It features a 50 lb. tensile strength and a red color for quick identification. Shop HomElectrical for more cable ties today!
$5.69Case of 100
50 Pound Red Floor Sweep Grit w/Box
This fifty pound floor sweep grit-infused compound effectively captures dirt and light debris to make cleaning easier. This product provides...
50 lb. Floor Sweep Grit
Shop HomElectrical today for Anchor Brand floor sweep grit that is ideal for unfinished wood and concrete floors to help loosen drime and dirt!
10" 2 Sew Whisk Hand Brook w/Broom Corn Bristles
This two sew whisk broom is ideal for small clean-ups. It is wire-wound fro strength and has 2 rows of...
$57.20Case of 12
Orange Unlined 1000 Series Canvas Gloves
1000 Series Canvas Gloves are economical, comfortable and breathable. Use these protective gloves to perform any general purpose or light...
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4" Large Kevlar Standard Wool High Heat Mittens
Kevlar High Heat Mittens are constructed from Kevlar blend material. Safety yellow color and full wool-lined for superior comfort. They...
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Medium Gray/Blue Premium Latex Coated Gloves
Latex Coated Gloves are the best design general purpose gloves available. The fingers are formed into a gentle curve to...
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Men's Unlined 2000 Series Leather Palm Gloves
Striped canvas gloves with leather palm and fingers provide great protection and finger dexterity. The knit wrist helps keep dirt...
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3/8" x 600' 3 Strand Manila Rope
Manila rope is a three strand rope used under normal service conditions, recommended working load of rope in good condition...
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Four Strand Manila Rope
The manila rope features a colored yarn marker in every 3rd and/or 4th strand on sizes 1 inch diameter and...
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4 Strand Manila Rope
This heavy weight manila rope is 7 percent heavier than the three strand manila rope. It features a colored yarn...
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Oil-Based Floor Sweeping Compound, 300 lbs, Red
Anchor Brand's Oil-Based Floor Sweeping Compound, featuring a red color finish and sanded grit with an oil base, is suitable for unfinished wood or concrete surfaces. Shop our full selection of Anchor Brand's products at HomElectrical today!
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Wax-Based Floor Sweeping Compound, 50 lbs, Green
Anchor Brand's Wax-Based Floor Sweeping Compound, featuring a green color finish and non-sanded, wax-base formula, is suitable for most surfaces, finished or unfinished. Shop our full selection of Anchor Brand's products at HomElectrical today!
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Mild Steel .035" Welding Wire
Use the Anchor Brand Mild Steel .035" Welding Wire for a guaranteed high-quality welding job. Mild steel construction contains high...
Mild Steel .03" Welding Wire
Use the Anchor Brand Mild Steel .03" Welding Wire for high quality welding jobs. Wire is constructed out of mild...
Black Male/Female Cable Connector Set
Cam action design allows this cable connector to lock in with a twist and pulls two halves tightly together. Its...
Anchor General Cutting Tip
Anchor General Cutting Tip is ideal for general purpose cutting with acetylene and oxygen gases. To withstand the heat involved...
100% CR-39 Plastic Replacement Lenses
To ensure ultimate eye protection from spatter and chemicals, use the Anchor Brand 100% CR-39 Plastic Replacement Lenses. Constructed out...
General Cutting Tips
Use Anchor Brand General Cutting Tips for general purpose cutting with acetylene and oxygen gases. Copper sage construction enables tips...
2 Cool Shield Plus Hand Protector
For ultimate hand protection, use the Anchor 2 Cool Shield Plus Hand Protector. Protects your hands from high heat during...
23" Leather Sateen Sleeves
When working in high-heat environments, use Anchor 23" Leather Sateen Sleeves for arm protection. Includes adjustable black snaps at wrist...
Non-Suspension Headgear Sweatband
For those long, hard jobs, use the Anchor Brand Non-Suspension Headgear Sweatband to keep the hard-earned sweat out of your...
Mild Steel Spool Welding Wires
These welding wires are high in silicon which increases the fluiditu of the weld pool, which creates an extra smooth...
Clear Bound Face Shield Visor
Anchor Bound Face Shield Visor provides protection for the face and eyes from airborne debris. Universal holes fit most manufacturer's...
14" Dry Cutting Cured Concrete Blade
This 14 inch concrete blade is designed especially to make clean cuts in all types of masonry. Segmented to stay...
For guaranteed high-quality welding jobs, use the Anchor Brand Nozzles. Utilized for medium to heavy duty welding applications that involve...
85000 psi 0.0450 in Mild Steel Welding Wires
ER70S6 is a mild steel welding wire that contains high levels of manganese and silicon which produces high quality welds...
Universal Sorbent Roll, Dimpled
All-purpose pads absorb petroleum-, chemical- and water-based fluids, ensuring maximum indoor-task versatility. Dimpled, high-capacity format quickly soaks up and reliably...
Flat Soapstone Holders w/ Lock Adjustment, Silver
This silver soapstone holder features positive lock adjustment and a spring tension friction guide for soapstone. It also hasconvenient pocket...
Anchor 2X100 Polished Brass Replacement Gauge
This replacement gauge has a max of 100 psi and is equipped with a polished brass cupped dial that features...
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