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York is a company that designs spatter proof compounds to protect your materials from being damaged during the welding process. It comes in a variety of forms including paste, aerosol, and liquid. This is a non toxic substance that is also biodegradable so it is perfect for protecting your equipment and staying environmentally friendly. Explore our selection of York spatter proof compounds for your welding applications at HomElectrical

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16 oz. Nozzle Gel, Compound 101
York's Nozzle Gel Compound 101 is not petroleum based, preventing it from smoking, dripping, catching fire, or plugging liner and gas diffusers. Shop HomElectrical for more York products today!
11 oz Aerosol Can Spat-R-Pruf Compound 107A
There is no methylene chloride featured within this spat-r-pruf compound. It is also non toxic and silicon free. It provides...
1 Gallon Spat-R-Pruf Compound 106
Spatter proof compound has been formulated for ferrous metals and is rated the most efficient by an independent testing laboratory....
11 oz. Anti-Spatter, Compound 107A
York's Anti-Spatter Compound 107A is bio-degradable and provides spatter protection for nozzles and work surfaces. Shop HomElectrical for more York products today!
16 OZ. Nozzle Gel Spat-R-Pruf Compound 101
The nozzle gel outperforms petroleum based nozzle dips 10 to 1. Just dip cold torch before welding and you'll have...
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