York is a company that designs spatter proof compounds to protect your materials from being damaged during the welding process. It comes in a variety of forms including paste, aerosol, and liquid. This is a non toxic substance that is also biodegradable so it is perfect for protecting your equipment and staying environmentally friendly. Explore our selection of York spatter proof compounds for your welding applications at HomElectrical

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What is York Spat-R-Pruf made of?

York spat-r-pruf is designed to prevent any welding spatter that could potentially damage your project our materials surrounding you at the time. It is a non-toxic formula, silicone free, methylene chloride free, and is biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly substance.

Does the type of delivery system matter?

Spat-r-pruf from York can be used as a paste, with an aerosol can, or a liquid. The only difference between these distribution systems is how fast you are going to get done proofing your materials. An aerosol can, for example, is going to be quicker applying the substance than a paste would. But it primarily depends on your preference and the type of application you are working on.

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