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Theochem Laboratories has been a manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products since 1962. Their selection of products includes dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner and polisher, toilet cleaner, and drain busters. These are designed for commercial use and are perfect for places that need to have fresh dishes on hand, clean toilets, and sanitary floors through out the day. Some of the applications these can be used in are hotels, hospitals, schools, and more. Explore our collection of Theochem cleaning and maintenance products for your application at HomElectrical.

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Reflection System Rinse-No-More Floor Cleaner-1 Gallon
Neutral-pH, all-purpose solution cleans and brightens all finished floor surfaces. Special optical brightening agents provide a sparkling, profession-quality shine. Mild,...
$46.94Case of 4
Safe-T-Bowl Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner-32-oz
Professional-quality product helps eliminate stains and odors from toilet bowls and urinals. Mild, non-acid formula ensures safe yet highly effective...
Dish Detergent Powder, 50lbs
Bulk-packaged detergent is specially formulated for commercial dishwashers. Highly effective, low-foaming product rinses cleanly in both hot- and cold-water applications....
Neutral, DAY & NIGHT Concentrated Liquid Odor Absorber- 1 Gallon
Liquid odor control concentrate is ideal for institutional and medical/residential facilities. Continually wicking formula provides thorough odor absorption. Long-lasting. Scent:...
Sparkle Dishwasher Powder, 1.5oz
Premium, value-priced powder is formulated specifically for commercial dishwashers. Caustic descaling ingredients ensure professional-quality results in both hard- and soft-...
Liquid Drain Buster Cleaner
Liquid Drain Buster uses 93% virgin sufuric acid to clear pipes. Formula is effective against grease, hair, paper, food, rags,...
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