Super Lube

Super Lube is a multi-purpose synthetic lubricant that can be used with gears, chains, and sprockets. It lasts longer than most petroleum-based greases and oils. It contains no silicon, and will not wash away as readily as silicon based lubricants.

How can I remove Super Lube?

Though Super Lube is meant to stay put, it can be removed by solvents like Heptane, Hexane, dry-cleaning fluid, or a citrus cleaner. Just place the solvent on the Super Lube, and use a paper towel to absorb the material.

Is Fumed Silica Harmful?

Fumed Silica, the main thickening agent used with Super Lube, is a non-hazardous food-grade material used in other products like aspirin and cosmetics.

Should I use the grease or aerosol version of Super Lube?

The spray form of Super Lube is ideal for tasks that require it to get into small nooks and crannies like gears and bike chains. The oil form is best for projects that allow the parts to be bathed in oil, and the grease should be used for projects that don't allow the products to be bathed in oil.
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