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Streamlight is a leading manufacturer of professional grade flashlights. They specialize in safety rated lights, handheld flashlights, and headlamps ideal for construction, electrical work, and other industrial applications. Browse through their wide selection of durable and long lasting LED flashlights and work lights today!

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3.6 V Sub C Battery Stick, Nickel Metal Hydride
Streamlights high-capacity sub-C, rechargeable batteries recharge up to 1,000 times. Shop more Streamlight professional fade flashlights at today!
5.3-in LED Stylus Pro Penlight, 100 lm, Red
This red penlight conveniently fits in your pocket. Ideal for anyone who needs a compact, durable light to carry on a daily basis. Shop more penlights at HomElectrical now!
6.21-in LED Stylus Penlight w/ Blue LED, 2 lm, Black
This bright, long running LED penlight with blue LED has a long battery life, and it goes wherever you need it. Shop more Streamlight products at HomElectrical today!
Argo LED Headlamp, 150 lm, Yellow
If you often find yourself needing to illuminate objects at a distance, the long-range capability of the Argo delivers a far-reaching beam of 190 meters. Shop more headlamps today at HomElectrical!
3.52-in Clipmate LED Clip Light, 27 lm, Yellow
Equipped with three high-intensity LEDs and an innovative 360 degree rotating head, this is one versatile little light. Shop more Streamlight products at HomElectrical today!
Streamlight Jr. LED Flashlights
This intensity flashlight comes equipped with a push/button tailcap providing a steady on and momentary on/off operation. The flashlight is...
6 Pack of 1.5V AAAA Alkaline Batteries
Shop HomElectrical for AAAA Alkaline Batteries with durable reliablity with long-lasting life span and power for BGL meters and more
$6.74Pack of 6
Professional Tactical Black LED Flashlight
For a high quality flashlight, use the Streamlight Professional Tactical Black LED Flashlight. Equipped with a C4 LED light bulb...
Haz-Lo Yellow Headlamp
To shine light on a specific spot while on the job, use the Streamlight Haz-Lo Yellow Headlamp. This specific headlamp...
Trident LED Headlamp, 80 lm, Yellow
When you need a light that will provide you with the broadest range of lighting applications for everyday use, this Trident headlamp is what you want. Shop more headlamps at HomElectrical now!
Stylus Pro LED Flashlight with Rotary Switch
This powerful compact and slim aluminum flashlight will guarantee a bright and powerful shine. This light features proprietary micro-optical system...
MicroStream LED Flashlights
This machine aluminum flashlight is very slim yet compact and provides a micro optical system optimizes output and run time...
ProPolymer Waterproof Rubber Flashlight
This ultra durable water proof flashlight is safety approved. This light features a virtually indestructible, non-conductive polymer which has a...
Stylus Flashlights
This small, yet vibrant stylus flashlight comes individually serialized in a variety of LED colors and equipped with a momentary...
Yellow PolyStinger LED Haz-Lo Rechargeable Flashlight
Rechargeable flashlights have developed for hazardous locations, atmospheres and environments including petro-chem, utility, and other heavy industrial applications. The deep-dish...
8.4" Black High Performance Rechargeable LED Flashlight
For a quality flashlight, use the Streamlight High Performance Rechargeable LED Flashlight. Rechargeable flashlight includes a compact, snap-in charge that...
7 Inch 10 Lumen Combination Stylus Reach Flashlight
This stylus has an extended neck that extends out for easy adjustment of light direction. It also comes with a little clip that allows users to keep it on hand for on-the-fly lighting needs.
3 AAA, 50 Lumens, Yellow Septor LED Headlamps with Batteries
Shop HomElectrical for Septor LED Headlamps with adjustable elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap and tilting head strap
Enduro LED Headlamp
This easy use headlamp features push button on-off and is waterproof for 1 meter up to one hour. These head...
7" Yellow ProPolymer Flashlight
Whenever you need some extra light, use the Streamlight Yellow ProPolymer Flashlight. C-cell lights of flashlight have a spring loaded...
7-in Dualie LED Flashlight, Spot/Flood Beam, 245 lm, Yellow
See what's ahead of you and right at your feet with this flashlight. It's bright light, which shines both ahead of you and downward, helps avoid slips, trips and falls. Shop more flashlights at HomElectrical now!
C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight, Lithium Ion
Get it all: High-intensity performance, compact sizing and rechargeable convenience come together in the Strion...
Stinger Rechargeable NiCd Battery Sticks, Nickel Cadmium
Streamlight Rechargeable Stinger Battery Sticks easily recharges your Stinger or PolyStinger flashlights to top performance.
Black PolyStinger LED Haz-Lo Rechargeable Flashlight
This Rechargeable flashlight is IPX4 rated for water-resistance. These type of flashlights have developed for hazardous locations, atmospheres and environments...
3V CR123A Lithium Batteries, 12 Pack
Streamlights lithium batteries provide increased capacity to handle spikes in power demand, used in high draining devices. Shop more Streamlight professional grade flashlights and accessories at!
1.47-in Nano Light LED Flashlight, 10 lm, Black
Twist this 10 lumen black aluminum flashlight to turn it on and off. Up to 8 hours of run time with it's 4 included alkaline button cell batteries. Shop more flashlights at HomElectrical now!
Spot ProPolymer Flashlight, 25 Lumens
Streamlights ProPolymer flashlights waterproof and safety approved with non-conductive polymer which features a rubber face cap for impact resistance. Shop Streamlight professional grade flashlights at today!
6.5-in LED Flashlight w/ 7 LEDs, 67 lm, Yellow
Intrinsically safe impact and shock resistant LED flashlight provides a soft flood light and 155 hours of run time. Shop more flashlights at HomElectrical today!
1.47-in Nano Light LED Flashlight, 10 lm, Pink
Twist this 10 lumen pink aluminum flashlight to turn it on and off. Up to 8 hours of run time with its 4 included alkaline button cell batteries. Shop more flashlights at HomElectrical now!
7-in LED Flashlight, 100 lm, Yellow
Durable polymer flashlight that provides a longer reaching beam that's 10 times brighter than a high-intensity LED. Ergonomically shaped for maximum hand comfort. Shop more flashlights at HomElectrical today!
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