Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson is a leading manufacturer of high quality safety products and protection supplies. They specialize in wraparound safety glasses that are made from a heavy duty polycarbonate material and provide 99.9% UV protection. Smith & Wesson safety eyewear provides comfort, protection, and style. Browse through our selection of glasses today!

What are some benefits of Smith & Wesson safety glasses?

Safety glasses from Smith & Wesson provide 99.9% UV protection, have scratch-resistant lenses, and are are made of the highly durable material, polycarbonate.

How do anti fog lenses work?

Fogging is caused by water droplets that form by condensation on the surface of eyeglasses. This condensation occurs when the lenses are cooler than the surrounding air temperature. Smith & Wesson offers a selection of safety glasses with an anti-fog coating on the lenses. This anti-fog coating prevents moisture from building up on the exterior of your glasses.
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