Samson Rope

Samson Rope is a leading manufacturer of high quality and durable corded rope designed for securing heavy industrial loads. Made of nylon, cotton, and other synthetic fibers, Samson sash cord is completely weather resistant and has a max load of about 100 pounds. Browse through our selection of solid braided cord today!

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What is Samson sash cord used for?

Samson rope cord is a high quality and extremely durable braided rope. The nylon cords help add a intense strength and reduce stretch for an increased lifespan. The tough nylon coupled with the cotton exterior helps to provide weather resistance for many outdoor applications, including:

  • mining
  • commercial fishing
  • tree cutting
  • towing
  • anchoring
  • hoisting
  • utility

How long does Samson rope last?

Due to the synthetic material in the rope, after a while, Samson rope will start to stretch depending on the frequent of use and load size.
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