Saf-T-Cart is a leading manufacturer of cylinder carts that are ideal for transporting propane, oxygen, and other pressurized gas cylinders. Each cart is specially designed to secure cylinders of varying sizes and max capacities. Browse through our selection of steel, high quality, and durable delivery carts, medical carts, and cages from Saf-T-Cart.

What size cylinders can the Saf-T-Cart standard carts handle?

  1. The 900-10-8 model can handle one small 80cf cart with a max load of about 12 lbs.
  2. The 810-6 model is a light duty cart designed with both low and high bands for carrying small to medium oxygen and acetylene cylinders.
  3. The 860-16 model has large 16" wheels, making it great for transporting large loads and can easily transport one large and one medium cylinder.
  4. The 400 series carts are ideal for very large loads up to 200 pounds. They feature large steel wheels and can be widened and adjusted for different sizes cylinders.

What are pneumatic wheels?

Some of the cylinder carts from Saf-T-Cart feature pneumatic wheels. These wheels are made of an airtight material, that keeps the pressurized air inside the tire.
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