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NSI Industries is an industry leading company of electrical products. NSI Industries strives to provide customers, mostly contractors and electricians, with quality solutions to their problems in the most efficient way possible. Find which electrical products you are needing at HomElectrical today!

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What is electrical tape used for?

Electrical tape, also called insulating tape, is used to insulate electrical wires and other similar materials in order to conduct electricity. This pressure-sensitive tape can be made from a variety of different plastics, but the vinyl variety is the most popular because it provides a stretchy quality and gives of an effective and long lasting installation.

What are wire connectors used for?

Wire connectors are used to make tight and low impedance connections between two or more electrical wires inside an electric box. These small accessories are highly effective because they are made of flame-redundant materials and they keeps other wires from coming into contact with one another to create dangerous or hazardous situations.
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