Marson is a leading manufacturer that specializes in installation tools, rivet tools, rivet nuts, and other fasteners for industrial applications in the industry. Their tools are perfect for aerospace, automotive, and electrical application. Marson creates quality, efficient, and cost effective tools so that you can complete all of your tasks easily and quickly. Browse our collection of tools today to find your next complementing tool.

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What are rivet nuts used for?

Rivet nuts are the perfect installation tool for easy fastening applications. These blind threaded fasteners are designed to be installed for easy screw attachments to metal equipment, tubular materials, and plastic.

How do you use a rivet tool?

Manual rivet tools or electrical rivet guns are used to drive rivet nuts into materials to fasten them. Simply place the pin of the of the rivet into the head of the rivet gun. Insert the rivet gun through the drilled hole in the metal, make sure everything is aligned properly and squeeze the handle until you hear a fastening snapping sound.
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