Louisville Ladder

Step up and find which Louisville Ladder is the right height for you. Being one of the largest manufactures of ladders, Louisville Ladders uses aluminum to build the most sturdy step ladder to help you complete any job. The ladders range from being 3-20 feet so that you will have a ladder that will always fit the job. You can also choose to buy an attic ladder, made of wood or aluminum, which allows you to use attic space or you can find an extension ladder, made of aluminum or fiber glass, which are the perfect tool to help you reach high places and come in 4-60 feet.

What's the difference between a step ladder and an extension ladder?

A step ladder only goes to one height and set up as a triangle to help keep you balanced. These ladders are mostly used for indoor activities, whereas extension ladders are more of an outdoor ladder. These ladders extend to different lengths to help you reach whichever height is needed. Instead of the triangle shape, they are propped against something, often a house, to help you work at an incline.

What is the difference between pioneer fiberglass and fiberglass advent step ladders?

Fiberglass Advent Step Ladders are more heavy-duty than Pioneer Fiberglass Step Ladders and typically can hold more weight. They are also designed to be used by contractors and industry workers with special features to hang tools, whereas pioneer fiberglass step ladders are more for anyone to use.
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