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Ideal Reel is a concrete construction product manufacturer that can be found all over the US, even in Ireland and Canada! Shop our full selection of Ideal Reel products below.

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1/2" To 1 1/18" Tie Wire Reels
This heavy duty tie wire reels features a center hole that is semi-square with rounded corners, enabling roll to be...
16 Gauge Stainless Steel Galvanized Tie Wires
This 16 gauges tire wire is a multifunctional connector and fastener that helps the user work on outdoor and indoor...
16 Gauge Black Annealed Mechanic Wire
These corrosion and rust resistant mechanic wires are ideal for binding hay and straw to securing cardboard, textiles or other...
18 Gauge Steel Tie Wires
The bailing wire or soft wire mostly known as mechanic wire, handles a variety of jobs such as binding hay...
16 Gauges Galvanized Tie Wires
This galvanized tie wire is a multifunctional fastener and a connector that helps you complete indoor and outdoor DIY jobs....
16 Gauge Black Annealed Tie Wire
These sturdy, versatile tie wires are efficient for indoor and outdoor jobs. Made of stainless steel or black annealed finish,...
16 Gauge Mechanics Wire
The mechanic wire is also known as a soft wire, it is ideal for multi taking from straw and binding...
14 Gauge Tie Wire
The Ideal Reel 14 Gauge Tie Wire is made of the highest quality die-cast aluminum to ensure long life. The...
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