Since 1884 Chapin has been developing cans that are both durable and have no risk of leaking. Since then they have also started to manufacture sprayers that are made from strong materials and go beyond the industries standards. Explore our selection of Chapin sprayers and cans for your applications.

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What are Chapin Sprayers made out of?

A Chapin sprayer is made from polyethylene. This material is a tough, flexible, light, synthetic resin that can be used in a variety of items including plastic bags and food containers.

What is a Chapin sprayer used for?

Chapin sprayers can be used for a variety of applications including:
  • Gardening
  • Construction
  • Janitorial Duties and more
There are also some Chapin sprayer parts that can change the form the of the sprays distribution depending on your needs.
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