CGW Abrasives

CGW (Camel Grinding Wheels) creates flap discs that are designed toward metal fabrication. CGW is also a world wide supplier of grinding wheels and has over 6,000 abrasive products. Some of these products include: PASCO coated abrasives, surface conditioning products, resin bonded wheels, carbide burs, wire brushes, and vitrified wheels. These tools are ideal for construction, metal working, engineering, demolition, and more. Venture through our selection to find the right flap discs for your applications at HomElectrical.

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What are CGW abrasive flap wheels?

CGW abrasive flap wheel are made from overlapping abrasive flaps that are connected to a center wheel. These are generally used for metal finishing to remove unwanted debris. The advantages to this tool is that they are able to grind at a work piece at a different angles and will let the user evade from creating scratches.

What are CGW cut-off wheels made from?

These tools are made from a zirconia/aluminum mix that creates a strong and durable item that is able to work on ferrous/non- ferrous metals including high tensile alloys and stainless steel.
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