John Bondhus, in 1964, started to manufacture the original 'Balldriver' ball end hex tool, that he invented, leading to Bondhus, the company. Since then they have become an industrial leader in the designing and manufacturing of time saving tools. Some of their tools include: L-wrenches, T-handle wrenches, and a variety of different sets. Explore our selection of Bondhus ball end hex tools for your construction, engineering, and demolition applications.

Different types of Bondhus hex keys?

There are two different types of hex keys:

T-handle - this type of hex tool has a 'T' shaped handle that will provide a strong grip for the user.

L-handle - these type of hex tools have an 'L' shaped handle. This is more common type of handle that is used throughout different industries.

Is a hex key and Allen wrench the same thing?

An Allen wrench is the same thing as a hex key. The only real difference between these two types of tools is that the keys are going to have a different types of handles.
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