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Bessey Tools was founded in 1889 as a world renowned steel-maker. They're well known for their bar clamps and L clamps. If you want to keep your items secure, then you can't go wrong with Bessey.

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Desk Mounted Steel Spindle Red Pipe Clamp
A clamp is useful for anchoring down material and tools when working on proects that require intense pressure. Shop with Homelectrical for more tools and equipment to aid with crafting projects.
6" Steel Shop Clamp
Standard swivel pressure is used to hold objects firmly into place when the Bessey Shop Clamp is used. Comes with...
8" Steel Shop Clamp
The regular duty Bessey Shop Clamp is made from durable steel and measures 8". Can be used to hold items...
Magnetic Ground Clamp
For heavy applications, use the Bessey Magnetic Ground Clamp. This ground clamp can be drilled, tapped, milled, or ground and...
12" Steel Shop Floor Clamp
For a solid, dependable clamp, use the Bessey 12" Steel Shop Floor Clamp. Equipped with standard swivel pressure pads, this...
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