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Anchor Brand is a supplier of multiple hand tools, safety supplies, and other accessories that are generally used in industrial and commercial applications. They can be used in construction, demolition, welding, and so much more. All of their tools like wire brushes, personal protective equipment, or wrenches are made from reliable materials including: stainless steel, steel, polycarbonate, and more. Venture through our full selection of Anchor brand products for your applications at HomElectrical.

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Replacement Cover Lenses
For eye protection in a work environment involving chemicals and other possible spatter, use the Anchor Brand Replacement Cover Lenses....
$12.18Pack of 5
Black Heavy Duty Battery Clamp
Use Anchor Brand Black Heavy Duty Battery Clamp to make your job easier. Contains excellent electrical and physical properties. Clamp...
Jumbo Combination Wrench
Anchor Brand 1-1/4" Jumbo Combination Wrench has a polished head and raised panel. Made of durable carbon steel and nickel...
8" Solid Joint Lineman's Pliers
Anchor Brand 8" Solid Joint Lineman's Pliers meets Federal and ANSI specifications. Pliers are hardened and tempered made of drop...
Vinyl Green Bib Apron
For protection during any job involving chemicals or stray debris, use the Anchor BrandVinyl Green Bib Apron. Includes adjustable shoulder...
Shade 5 Aluminum Bound Visor
The Anchor Brand Shade 5 Aluminum Bound Visor provides ultimate face and eye protection during any electrical job. Polyethylene Terepthalate...
6" Longnose Polished Pliers
Anchor Brand 6" Longnose Pliers are hard and tempered for maximum durability. Cushioned grips protect the pliers from rusting while...
7" Steel Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Anchor Brand 7" Diagonal Pliers are made from hardened and tempered drop forged steel to provide clean cutting. Pliers are...
4" Carbon Steel Stringer Bead Wheel Brush
The Anchor Brand 4" Carbon Steel Stringer Bead Wheel Brush is primarily used for weld cleaning, as it has a...
4" Knot Cup Brush
For fast, efficient cleaning of large working surfaces, use the Anchor Brand 4" Knot Cup Brush. Wire is constructed out...
Unbound Visors For Fibre-Metal Frames
The Anchor Brand Unbound Visors For Fibre-Metal Frames specially designed to be used for jobs involving fibre metal. Guarantees ultimate...
Standard Brass Small Hand Utility Brush w/Wooden Handle
This standard brass bristle utility brush is for general-purpose cleaning and welding projects, including delicate or finish work. This is...
Rig Wash Detergents
The Anchor Brand Rig Wash Detergents is a spray-dried, synthetic detergent for all around cleaning. Detergent averages 5.6% phosphorous and...
Cr-39 Plastic Replacement Lenses
These rugged cover lenses are great for protecting your welding lens. These lenses are pitting, spatter, chemical and solvent resistant...
Heavy Duty Industrial Brush, Carbon Steel
These heavy duty industrial brushes are great for scouring and removing dirt and grime. This carbon steel shoe handle brush...
Stainless Steel Hand Scratch Brushes with Stainless Steel Curved Handles
This Anchor Hand Brush is ideal forbrushing away grime and dirt. Its wire fill and length is offers unsurpassed versatility....
14'' Half Round Bastard File
This bastard file offer exceptional filing capabilities. This file can easily shave off fine pieces of metal off of most...
Locking C Clamp
This powerful lockign C-clamp is excelennt for holding pieces of wood or metal together as you work. This clamp will...
Drop Forged C- Clamp, 4'' Length
This drop forged C-clamp features extra throat depth as well as non-slip clamping on all shapes. This clamp also features...
Drop Forged C-Clamp, 10'' Length
This extra tough C-clamp features a non-slip clamp on all sides. This clamp is great for securing pressure to your...
Drop Forged C-Clamp, 12'' Length
This drop forged C-clamp is an excellent tool for applying pressure to two objects and creating a steady work space....
9" Magnetic Aluminum I-Beam Torpedo Level
This tool is utlized to ensure that a surface or angle is level or plumbed properly. The torpedo level comes...
Anchor NFG-7 Weld 22 Steel Fillet Gauge Set
Welding gauges are available for checking alignment, checking deminisions before welding, verifying weld deminisions, and checking porosity of welds. These...
1"X25' Green E-Z Read Power Measuring Tape
This green, easy to read tape measure has a sliding lock and sliding end hook for true zero measurements. There...
8'' Drop Forged Steel Adjustable Pipe Wrench
Hardened and tempered, the Anchor Brand 8" Drop Forged Steel Adjustable Pipe Wrench guarantees maximum endurance and resistance. With its...
18'' Aluminum Pipe Wrench with Drop Forged Steel Jaw
This aluminum pipe wrench features accurately machined jaws for greater control during tough jobs. This tool is made of aluminum...
3/8'' Combination Wrench with Raised Panel and Carbon Steel Body
This combination wrench features a carbon steel body that is resistant to damage and distortion. This tool is effective for...
1'' Nickel Chrome Plated Combination Wrench with Carbon Steel Body
This combination wrench is great for easily screwing in nuts and bolts. This tool is made of carbon steel for...
2'' Nickel Chrome Plated Jumbo Combination Wrench with Carbon Steel Body
This jumbo combination wrench features a carbon steel body which is effective for maximum endurance. This tool features a polished...
21 Piece 12 Point Standard and Deep Socket Sets
This twenty one piece socket set has drop forged carbon steel ratchets, sockets and extensions with a durable, corrosion resistant...
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